Mindfulness colouring for kids - FAQs

What is mindfulness colouring for kids?

Mindfulness colouring for kids – also known as mindful colouring – is the practice of applying colour to intricate shapes, patterns and images. The word 'mindfulness' is attached to the phrase because the activity has been shown to help reduce anxiety and improve mood. It is thought this is achieved through the act of colouring in and its ability to bring awareness to the present moment.

Mindfulness colouring pictures come in a range of formats from vinyl self-clean wall posters, paper sheets, colouring books, table place mats, greetings cards and notebooks. Children use either colouring pens or pencils as they while away the time through the mood-boosting activity of mindfulness colouring.

The philosophy behind mindfulness colouring is that the concentration required to fill in each small detail with colour takes kids away from the stresses and strains of every day life. It's a great way to help them unwind, unplug and relax.

How is colouring a mindfulness activity?

With mindfulness colouring, you see what’s set out in front of you – the mindfulness colouring activity or wall poster. You see the individual colours and the picture which consists of black outlines of shapes and patterns on a white background.

You take a pen, for example, a pink one. You take its lid off. You place the nib of the pink pen into a shape on the mindfulness colouring pattern. You see the colour filling that shape and continue going until it is complete. Then you replace its lid, choose another colour and apply it to the next shape, and so on.

There is nothing but you, the mindfulness colouring picture, the colouring tools and calm. The sense of ease you can discover through mindfulness colouring offers the brain a well-deserved rest while it is still awake. This is caused by reduced activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that regulates emotion.

Mindfulness colouring helps calm busy minds, stressed minds, young minds and old minds.  

How are your colouring walls and posters different to other mindfulness colouring products?

Our mindfulness colouring products are wipe clean wall posters that are permanent fixtures to the wall.

They act either like a poster that's there for your child to colour afresh again and again, or if you opt for one of the larger 3-metre posters, they appear like a wall mural or wallpaper.

Not only do they allow endless colouring enjoyment for kids, they look stunning in a child's bedroom or playroom. 

How do you remove them if you change your mind?

The purpose of our mindfulness colouring walls and posters is to become a part of your child's activity collection.

So once it's up it stays up. If however, you change your mind and decide you want to remove it, or if you need to decorate the room, you can remove it by applying gentle heat from a hairdryer.

What are the benefits of mindfulness colouring for kids?

The principle of returning to the breath without judgement that’s so common in mindfulness meditation practice applies equally well to the activity of mindfulness colouring. 

If you find your thoughts running away, you gently bring them back to the physical thing you are doing – your fingers holding the pen and colouring in a picture.

There’s no wrong or right way to do mindfulness colouring and no rules. If you choose to go over the edges of the shape, that doesn’t matter. If you go over the lines, decide to use only green or if your colouring is far from mindful and becomes a mass of scrawls, that’s ok too.

It’s about you, your mindfulness colouring picture and your art tools. You mustn’t judge whether your colouring is good or not.

It is self-expression of you just the way you are at that particular moment in time.

Mindfulness colouring helps improve your overall sense of mental wellbeing. You feel more attuned to the world around you when you concentrate on the present moment. 

Mindfulness colouring in this hour, this minute and this second.

Can mindfulness colouring be used with elderly people or those suffering dementia?

Mindfulness colouring can be used as an effective pastime for dementia sufferers. 

When a person’s brain no longer functions as it once did and they lose the ability to remember, colouring can provide a form of mindfulness and a way of focusing on something other than anxiety and fear. 

But it’s important to remember that the detailed patterns often associated with mindfulness colouring can sometimes cause confusion if the person cannot see what the end result should be.

When choosing an image for a dementia sufferer to colour, try to be mindful of this and find a picture that is perhaps less abstract than some of the mindfulness colouring pictures there are on the market. A more concrete image like that of a garden with flowers or trees, or animal pictures, may be a better idea. 

Another aspect to remember with mindfulness colouring and older folk, is the art tools you choose. Colouring pencils are often better because there are no lids to have to remember and no furniture likely to be marked in the process.