A little bit about us

Hi there, we’re Jess and Matt – friends, colleagues and parents who were concerned by our children's screen use so decided to do something about it. 

We launched Doodle & Calm as a way to encourage kids to get back to basics, focus and use their creativity to express themselves in a piece of playroom wall art.

We believe mindfulness colouring on an art wall is a pastime that can benefit children's mental health in a digital world.

Playroom art wall colouring for mindful focus 

The therapeutic benefits of applying colour to small patterns were first encountered by Jess one cold, wet Sunday when her twins were tiny. She had been awake since 4am looking after them alone.

Sleep deprivation and the emotional tumult of the circumstances she found herself in made her wonder how she could possibly make it through to their bedtime in one piece.

Inspired by detailed doodles her mum used to draw for her to colour in as a child, Jess scrawled random swirls on a piece of paper with a biro.

As she showed her little twins how to fill in each shape with colour, she was transported into an overwhelming sense of serenity. 

Mindfulness kids' art walls for mental wellbeing

Mindfulness colouring, the label she discovered was attached to this activity, became a fixture in her life.

It silenced negative thoughts, shifted anxiety and improved focus. Furthermore, it entertained the little ones for long stretches and brought calm and quiet into her home.

When Matt saw Jess engrossed in the mindfulness colouring book she took to work, he told her about his friend's new printer that was producing stunning three metre vinyl playroom wall art posters for this exact purpose.

There were smaller sizes too and this heralded the birth of Doodle & Calm, just in time for 2021.

2021: a time to prioritise self-help for the mind

We can agree to write off 2020.

But we can't as easily write off its harmful effects: anxiety, stress, depression, isolation and increasing screen-addiction in children.

Many people feel the need for something different to maintain good mental health and build resilience.

While playrooms weren't quite invented at the time our Stone Age ancestors lived, they learnt to draw art on cave walls as a way to communicate with each other.

They could only dream of the kind of connections that would one day be accessed by the human race through digital technology. But along with those connections to others, it appears we’ve forgotten how to connect to ourselves.

We see our mindfulness colouring kids' art walls as the 21st century version of our ancestors' doodlings on their cave walls. 

We're living in a fractured world. Let your playroom wall help your kid achieve calm and restore inner peace in a way that’s stood the test of time.

Our kids wall art products are an important part of any parent's mental wellbeing toolkit in lockdown and beyond.

Jess & Matt