Cool kids’ wall art for the playroom

If you’ve landed here, there’s a high chance you’re on the lookout for playroom ideas and inspiration.

But when it comes to the room's decor, products, toys, storage, furniture and other items, it can feel overwhelming trying to navigate the big, wide world of playroom ideas. 

Our philosophy is that a playroom should be just that: a space to play. So why has playing got so complicated?

Playroom ideas on a budget

Respecting the union of art and play - the ideal playroom wall combo

It's tough knowing where to start and if you're after playroom ideas on a budget, even tougher. 

The best advice is to start with one part of the playroom at a time.

For the purposes of this post, we're looking at playroom wall art and taking the chance to introduce something that's a little bit different - the playroom colour wall. 

The playroom colour wall - kids' art with a difference

A playroom colour wall is cool kids' art that looks fantastic on the wall and has the added benefit of keeping the little critters busy at the same time.

Modelled on the double premise of the traditional wall mural and mindfulness colouring, playroom colour walls are designed for budding artists, anxious children, kids who need something to help calm them or just fans of colouring in.

In fact, they're for anyone of any age who's in need of an activity that helps quiet the mind and achieve focus.

They're not your ready-made piece of playroom wall art. There's plenty out there if that's what you want.

This wall art is a little bit different and your children will love it.

Playroom wall art with a difference

Playroom wall art meets mindfulness colouring: what's the big idea?

Mindfulness colouring for kids has at its core the principle of focusing on one thing only, in this case, colouring.

It is the practice of using pens or pencils to colour in detailed black and white patterns or pictures.

The simple act of lifting a pen and filling in part of an intricate pattern with colour can help centre busy minds. It keeps people in the present moment and can prevent anxious thoughts from spiralling.

Colour walls are designed around this concept. They are original wall art pieces that are interactive and new, and which kids love.

Kids wall art for playrooms

Playroom wall art your children can use time and again: the perfect playroom idea 

If playroom ideas are your passion, a kid's colour art wall could be just the ticket.

Not only is it hardy and durable, it looks great and once it's on the wall, involves very little adult oversight. It offers time out for grown ups without the fear of too much screen use.

Printed on high-quality vinyl, it can be erased back to its original state using the pens included in the pack.

And after wiping clean, it's like new, ready for your child to start afresh whenever inspiration strikes.

It's something to be enjoyed time and again, over and over.

Kids' wall art for playrooms

Cool kids' art and stunning playroom wall decor 

If your child doesn't want to wipe it clean, they can leave the completed picture on the wall as a colourful piece of creative wall art.

At its biggest, a playroom art wall can span almost the entire length of a wall. At its smallest – in a small poster size – just a little part of it.

There’s a range of designs and sizes available here. They're made in the United Kingdom by a creative printer with a great idea. 

It has the added benefit of fixing to the wall so there's little chance of losing or creasing your kid’s art.

Playroom wall art ideas for kids

Escape into a new world on the wall

Your child can be transported daily, weekly, monthly or yearly into a magical ocean of sea creatures, a field of flower fairies, a garden of gnomes or a fairy tale world of dragons and princes.

Imagine the joy of being able to wake up to a scene of jungle animals or planets and stars of outer space.

The playroom wall art posters are great value for money and because they’re durable and last as long as the playroom is a playroom.

And if you don't fancy a colour wall for your kids' art activity, there are plenty of other playroom wall products out there to choose from like

  • kids’ wall art stickers
  • chalk wall boards
  • playroom art butterflies
  • kids’ wall art hangings
  • playroom canvasses
  • playroom prints
  • children's wall art decals
  • framed kids' poetry and affirmations, and
  • plenty, plenty more! 
Kids' wall art for playrooms

Playroom art and office ideas for grown up kids

There’s also a handful of poster designs for adults too, suitable if you’re in the United Kingdom and looking for both playroom artwork and office ideas.

If you're frequently overwhelmed with work or stressed by colleagues, being able to turn to the wall for some mindful colouring is a fantastic way to regroup and gain a sense of perspective.  

In the range for grown ups there's a poster featuring cats, one with doodles and another with letters, perfect if words are more your thing.

The wall covers work in small rooms, medium sized rooms or big rooms.

They can keep people of any age occupied for long stretches. All this in a kids’ art product that would otherwise be hanging on the wall looking pretty but not much else. 

So why not ditch the standard ready-to-hang wall art products and start getting creative?

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