Mindfulness colouring & playroom wall art ecommerce store aims cut kids' screen use

To mark Children’s Mental Health Week we’ve launched our ecommerce website dedicated to selling products that help cut children’s screen use during lockdown.

We’re Jess and Matt, friends and work colleagues. Our store, Doodle & Calm, is based on the theme of mindfulness colouring and staying in the present moment.

Our reusable colouring walls are a new take on the mindfulness colouring mania that has increased significantly in recent years. They are playroom wall art with a difference.

Mindfulness colouring wall sheet


They’re made of vinyl, fix to the wall and can be wiped clean at any time so your child can start afresh whenever they wish.

The mindfulness colouring walls will be sold to nurseries, schools, hospitals, GP surgeries and psychological services, but most of all to parents, who are muddling through Covid lockdowns while facing a daily battle with their children over screen use.

Mindfulness colouring playroom wall art – a screen-free reprieve for burnt-out parents

Almost every parent in the 21st century struggles to limit their kids’ use of smartphones and digital devices.

This is especially acute at the moment as so many people are exhausted by the lockdowns, have no school for their youngsters and are craving peace and quiet.

Our wall posters offer a screen-free reprieve for parents and a mentally healthy way for a child to unplug their mind and pass an hour or two while stuck at home.

The pandemic has increased anxiety in children and adults. Several surveys show we’re not the only parents to feel concern over our children’s use of screens. In one study, more than half of respondents worried about their children’s use of social media and another showed concern over computer game addiction.

The mind calming effects of colouring doodles 

We don't claim to have the answer to this but firmly believe anything that offers an alternative helps.

Launching our playroom wall art and mindful colouring store during this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week helps us promote the positive impact this activity can have on a child's mind.

The central theme of Children’s Mental Health Week is ‘Express Yourself’. What better way in which to do that than through colour.

The physical and cognitive act of applying different colours to intricate shapes helps silence anxious thoughts and achieves a sense of focus and purpose in children.

It is used by professionals in mental health like specialist neuro occupational therapist Laura Slader of LSOT, who is convinced of its powerful effect on the brain.

‘Colouring is a wonderfully effective activity that helps keep people centred,’ she says. ‘I regularly recommend it to my patients as a way of stopping, resting and restoring their brain energy.’

Playroom wall art that's part of a parent's lockdown survival kit

We’re launching Doodle & Calm because we feel there’s an urgent need for a more back-to-basics approach to children’s activities.

Everyone is so swept up with the digital world and connecting with each other that we’ve forgotten how to connect with ourselves. 

Our mindfulness colouring pictures are the perfect playroom wall art. They encapsulate the very concept of mindfulness and meditation.

They can be wiped clean to start afresh in the here and now at any time. They’re meditative art in its truest sense and quite literally part of the wallpaper.

The playroom wall art posters stick firmly to the wall so there’s no chance of them getting lost under a pile of lockdown chaos.

They’re printed in a range of sizes from our local printer and buddy Andrew, who's based in the countryside of Surrey, England.

At their largest, the wall coverings span three metres and make for stunning additions to a child’s bedroom.

As well as looking fantastic, they’re the essential item of any parent’s lockdown survival kit.

For more information email hello@doodleandcalm.com