Reusable colouring children's wall art posters (wipe clean after use)

The perfect mindfulness colouring playroom wall art for homes, nurseries, schools, pubs, restaurants and children's centres. Check out our video below.

Playroom wall art colouring in

Playroom wall art that's kind on the mind

Children's wall art under the ocean

Playroom wall art under the sea

Playroom wall art

Go with the flow with flower fairies

A field of far out flower fairies. Their world could be as colourful as a rainbow but that's up to you.

Playroom wall art ideas

Snakes and frogs kids' wall art

It's pond life but not as you know it. Get colouring with reptilian wall art for kids.


The expert's view

Laura Slader, Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist

"The physical and cognitive skills that are supported through mindful colouring cannot be underestimated. It is a wonderfully effective activity that helps keep people centred.... I regularly recommend it to my patients as a way of stopping, resting and restoring their brain energy."

Interactive playroom wall art without a screen in sight

Kids' wall art for the playroom

What our customers think

She is absolutely loving the kids colouring wall art. We always have film and a takeaway on a Saturday evening. She is currently refusing to eat or watch anything until her picture is done!

Katie, Milly's mum

My children were so excited when they arrived home from school to see a wall that they could colour. I chose Under the Sea and they were happy to colour away. It kept them occupied for hours.

Clara Murray

We chose the Colour My Wall jungle theme. The service was fantastic and the delivery was very quick. My daughter aged six is very creative and cannot wait to express herself. 

Jessica Kanji

We absolutely love our Colour My Wall poster. There's a great selection of themes. We chose the fairytale, which features toadstools, fairies and flowers which our children both love.

Chelsea Horne